Brownie Bar With Vanilla (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)
Brownie Bar With Vanilla (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)

Braunija batoniņš (kaste ar 20 / 30 x 40g)

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Meklē dabisku un garšīgu uzkodu, kas vairos tavu enerģiju starp ēdienreizēm? The Beginnings braunija batoniņš ir gudra un veselīgāka izvēle! Tas ir ne tikai gards, bet arī satur 100% dabiskas izejvielas.

Braunija batoniņš ir gatavots no datelēm, mandelēm, kakao, agaves un vaniļas.

The Beginnings braunija batoniņš ir:

  • gatavots no augļiem un riekstiem
  • 100% dabisks, bez konservantiem, mākslīgām krāsvielām vai garšas pastiprinātājiem
  • nesatur glutēnu, laktozi vai soju
  • nesatur transtaukus, palmu eļļu, hidrogenētu eļļu vai ĢMO
  • satur daudz šķiedrvielu un ir vegāniem piemērots


Dateles, mandeles, kakao pulveris, agaves sīrups, kokosriekstu eļļa, vaniļa, jūras sāls.

Uzturvērtība (100g)

Enerģiskā vērtība 1625kJ /387 kcal
Tauki 18,13 g
- tostarp piesātinātās taukskābes 6,79 g
Ogļhidrāti 47,35 g
- tostarp cukuri 41,60 g
Olbaltumvielas 8,67 g
Šķiedrvielas 9,43 g
Sāls 0,11 g

Healthy Brownie Bar With Only 7 Natural Ingredients

Have you ever checked the conventional energy bar ingredient label?

Usually you'll find a long list of ingredients, some harder to pronounce than others plus fillers, artificial additives, palm oil and more.

The Beginnings offers you a healthier alternative – 100% natural energy bar that's made from just 7 pure ingredients. 

The Best Part? It Tastes Like A Real Brownie!

You've probably tried a natural bar that tastes, well...not so good. But this is not the case with The Beginnings brownie bar.

Quite the opposite. We've put a lot of work in developing a brownie bar recipe that tastes just like the real deal (but with much healthier ingredients).

And that's exactly what our clients have been telling us. People from all over the world love our brownie bar!

When To Use

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Dessert – satisfy your sweet tooth with a healthier alternative

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Between meals – to kick that hunger and avoid junky snacks

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Delicious relax – whether it's a coffee pause or a book, have it with a tasty snack

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Travel – forget about unhealthy, junky plane food

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Workout – energy boost before and after your workouts

What People Say About The Beginnings Brownie Bar

The Beginnings brownie bars are always on my hand! As I’m a dancer, for me they’re a delicious and energising snack pre / post my dance sessions.

Baiba Klints

International dancer & choreographer

The Beginnings brownie bars are great for my travels and hikes. They'll give a healthy and delicious energy dose for anyone who’s living an active lifestyle!

Madars Apse


The Beginnings brownie bars are a great solution for physically active people, especially those who follow a vegan diet. I enjoy grabbing some bars along when traveling. 

Laila Vesate

Celebrity fitness trainer

Ingredients And Nutritional Value

Brownie Bar

The Beginnings Bars In Your Daily Life

Healthy snack on the go


Addition to your breakfast


Natural energy during hikes


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Brownie Bar With Vanilla (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)
Brownie Bar With Vanilla (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)
Brownie Bar With Vanilla (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)

Brownie Bar With Vanilla (box of 20 / 30 x 40g)


Average customer rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Made from only 7 natural ingredients and tastes just like a real brownie. This brownie bar is our best-seller and our clients just can't get enough of it!

✅ Only natural ingredients.
✅ Nutrient-dense with every bite.
✅ Vegan-friendly.
✅ Free from gluten, artificial colors, flavors & palm oil.
Recommended by fitness trainers.

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